It is very important to protect your hardwood floors by having a rug pad. However, one should be careful in what kind of rug pad is suitable for the hardwood floor that you have in your house. While there are many rug pads, most of the time they can be of very low quality. They are made from plasticizers which have very low quality. As a result, they stick on the floor leaving permanent stains or scraping off to your hard floor.
Types of Rug Pads
It is essential to know more information about the types of hard floor you possess. Most of the time, they are finished off with polyurethane. In recent times, however, factories have started to replace them with acrylic and vinyl. Sometimes, lacquered is also used. If the hard floor you have has properties as mentioned, then make sure that you do not use a PVC or a plastic rug pad. This is because PVC has a tendency to react to floors that are not made of polyurethane.
There are different materials available in rug pads so that the customer has a range of choices to choose from. They consist of polymer, reused jute, PVC, felt and rubber, natural rubber amongst others.
Best Rug Pads
One of the best qualities of rug pads are of felt. They have an incredibly soft cushioning. It also lends a support for areas which are comparatively larger. These are generally the most popular rug pads in the market. They have thicker and tighter attributes which act as a solid buffer between the rug and the floor. They are devoid of rubber or PVC which make them perfect and safe for all kinds of floors. On the other hand, smaller rugs will not have enough of a grip so that felt rug pads are more appropriate for larger rugs.

Another benefit of felt and natural rug pads is that it is eco friendly. In addition to this, it is very much safe on all the floors and finishes. It is recommended that you use felt and natural rug pads even though the syntax latex are not as durable as one would like. Though are they cheaper, they tend to crumble after a particular period of time.
If you are looking for non-slip padding, then look no further than natural rubber rug pad. It is best used on wooden floors. Similar to felt rug pads, natural rug pads also have a very tight hold so that there is less chance of slipping. They have longer life duration and are user friendly in all kinds of floors and finishes. They are especially useful in places where the climate is hot and humid all around the year.
A setback with vinyl rug pads is that they hold on to moisture and may cause the finishing of the floor to turn yellow.
Hence, you should use the best rug pads to protect your hard wood floor.