EcoFriendlyAreaRugPadRug pads could last for a longer period of time only if one remembers to take precautions while it is being used. The most common types of damage to rug pads include sun damage, moth damage, dog chews, cat scratches, water damage, chemical damage, vacuum cleaner damage, pet stains and uneven wear.
In order to keep the rug pads for hardwood floors or any other surface safe and durable, you must keep an eye on your pets. Dogs tend to chew them when their teeth are growing. The best way to prevent them from chewing is to sprinkle a few moth flakes near the rug so that they wouldn’t go near it. Similarly, with cats you could squirt them whenever they use the rugs or rug pads to sharpen their claws.
It is always better to place legged stools under the flowering pots and planters because if you place them directly over the rugs, there could be chances of leakage after you water them. This could cause damage to the rug pads as they’ll absorb moisture and soften. They’ll become more prone to breakage and the strength will weaken gradually if not monitored properly or dried completely before using them again.
Insects like moths can also damage rug pads for hardwood floors. You should clean the rugs regularly vacuum the areas even the ones lying under furniture to prevent the rug pads getting damaged from insects. There are different forms of insects that damage the rug pads. Flying moths usually don’t eat the rugs but the female moths lay eggs that hatch in four to ten days and the larva that comes out of it eats the rug pads.
The larvae camouflage the color of their cocoons to the color of the rugs and if not cleaned properly, they could cause a lot of damage to the rug pad. The taste of wool and other fibers varies from color to color so they tend to eat more of it. You could find the spots and holes in the rug pads but not the insects as they could be of the same color. All kinds of insecticides even don’t work on such insects so it is better to monitor and clean the rug pads thoroughly in order to prevent from such insect attacks.
Chemicals being used on the floors for cleaning could damage the rug pads if they are not removed. They could cause the fabric to tear away. The ultraviolet rays coming directly from the sun can also cause the colors to fade away easily.
It is better to use rug pads made of polyester as rubber pads tend to crack and crumble from the edges over the years. They also tend to stick to the surface after a period of time. They could stick to the hardwood floors and are difficult to clean up.
It is important to take these precautions and help to prolong the life of rug pads rather than getting a new one every time it is damaged.