Toilet-MatsBathroom mats are necessary in every household. It keeps homeowners safe from slipping accidents. It also helps to maintain tiles and floors from getting stained. There are different types of bath mats available in the market including plastic, rubber, wood-made and cloth. Regardless of what you choose, it is important to keep them clean at all times to prevent fungus from growing and bacteria spreading around your house.

Sanitation is important when it comes to bath mats. It is important to keep them looking new at all times. It is also necessary to clean them regularly to avoid smell and stains from getting in. Preventing dirt and maintaining your bathroom mats is the key in keeping away mold from occurring.

Molds are fungus that best grows in damp areas especially in bathrooms and tubs. They also thrive in shower curtains and bathroom mats. That is why you should keep your mats dry after using to prevent molds. You can hang them to let water runoff or place them somewhere where air can circulate.

There are two ways to clean your bath mats. You can have it machine washed and dry. First you have to determine if your bathroom mats are machine washable. Start by reading the instruction label. Most mats are machine washable. However, you have to take note that some of these mats need extra care because of their rubber backing or shag surface. These might break down when placed in high heat drying cycles.

Put the bathroom mat inside the washing machine. Set it to gentle cycle with water at warm or hot temperature. This will help kill the mold and bacteria on the mat. Pour the detergent and add a cap of white vinegar. It will help sanitize the mat and keep it clean. You can also join bath towels to prevent noises when you are washing heavy and big mats. It will also help to balance the load inside the washing machine.

original_bath-mats-in-wisteria-celery-smoke-bluePlace the washed bath mats inside a dryer set on low heat. You can also choose to hang it and let it drip-off to prevent peeling especially when the mat has a rubber backing. Washing bathroom mats regularly will prevent it to have unpleasant smell and stop the growth of dirty molds.

Aside from having bathroom mats machine washed, you can also opt to hand wash it and dry. There are mats that cannot be washed using a machine. However, some prefer to hand wash bathroom mats to extend its life. Hand washing extends the life of bathroom mats because it is gentler especially when you are frequently cleaning and washing. This will help keep the fiber of the bathroom mats in place and prevent it from breaking down in a span of time.

Start by placing the bathroom mat in the sink or in a bucket filled with water. Be sure to put on your gloves to keep your hands from getting irritated from detergent use and vinegar. Pour on the laundry soap and scrub the mat. Take a close look for molds and other dirt that are stuck on the mat. Pour a capful of vinegar to keep the mats sanitized.

Hang the mats in the laundry room or place it in an area with enough air and sunlight. This will have it dried in no time. However, be sure you don’t over expose it to sunlight as it will be discolored. Take the mats back inside when fully dried.