all-surface-rug-padThe care and cleaning of rugs is always a hot topic. With each rug we add to our homes, there’s a lot of potential cleaning difficulties lurking. The infamous drink spills as well as animals marking their territory can cause horrible stains if not dealt with properly, and will assuredly add a lot more cleaning troubles should an accident ever occur. And yet, this does little to dissuade any potential rug owner from purchase. We like to think that the reason for this, aside from carpets being awesome, is that rug care, and with it, rug pad care, are not all that difficult once the owner has familiarized themselves with dos and don’ts of carpet cleaning. Every type of rug has a specific way you’re supposed to care for it. When you got that fancy rug pad to keep your area rug firmly in place, or maybe to add cushioness under the rug in your children’s room, you probably weren’t taking into consideration that it, too, requires some care and cleaning, just like the rug. If you have furniture over your carpets, you probably got a dense and sturdy rug pad to prevent furniture marks on the rug, but this alone is not enough. You must look to frequently rotate the carpet pad whenever it faces constant pressure in certain spots. Even people always standing on, or passing across the same spot, can, over time, deform the rug pad. A primary aspect of rug pad care is occasionally rotating your pads to prevent permanent deformities. The cleaning is another issue. Many rug pads, depending on their material, will absorb moisture to a point where the rug pad starts giving off a foul smell because of rot inside it. Often, this moisture comes in the form of liquid spilling onto the carpet. The carpet owners clean the carpet but forget about the rug pad, and pay the cost when they are forced to throw away their rotting rug pad. Another source of the moisture could be the carpet itself, where the carpet owner places a wet or partially wet carpet over the rug pad. The carpet, being thinner than the rug pad and being out in the open, will eventurug-pads_2ally dry, but not before the rug pad absorbs a ton of moisture that has nowhere else to go. The moisture can even come from cleaning the floor and then placing the rug pad back before it has dried. Not all issues are moisture related, however. Sometimes, the rug pad will get dusty just like the carpet can, and it might even hold dirt and debris. In this case, you’ll want to start things off by carrying the rug pad outside and trying to shake down the dirt lodged in. If this doesn’t work, you will have to go to the trouble of vacuuming the rug pad on its own before you place it back under the carpet. Not following these steps can cause the rug pad to return much of the dust back to a freshly cleaned carpet, meaning you have to clean both all over again.

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